AndrewI have set up Andrew’s site. I don’t want to call it a memorial site, or a blog.  It is going to be an on-going project about Andrew’s life, our memories of my son, as well as other people’s memories about Andrew.

I find great comfort in writing about Andrew.  I can’t say I enjoy it, because I am not sure what I enjoy in my life anymore without him, but I find it very helpful to write about him.  Some of the posts will be sad, about our missing him.  Others will be more upbeat about the good times we had and the positive effects Andrew had on so many lives.  I have never written for my friends, and the public at large, so please bear with me as I learn this process.

One thing I am thinking about that i do enjoy and that is Nicole. She has always been the light in my life along side her brother, she is what keeps me going, she is where I have always found joy and happiness, and even more now.  If it were not for her I am not sure where I would be now or headed in the future. But in her, I have a continued purpose in life, and my life has meaning.  And that I am forever grateful for.

I have written one post which I am going to edit and post some time soon.  Any feedback, comments, anything, is greatly appreciates.  If you read something that stirs you, that affects you or your life, or that brings a smile or tear to your face, I would appreciate it if you can write a comment on the post.  That way I know people are reading it, and that there is a purpose in what I am doing, more than just to find peace within myself and my life.

Thank you,

Andrew’s Dad

9 thoughts on “Hello.

  1. Joanne & Doug

    We hope this brings you, your family and friends comfort, maybe a chuckle now and then, and lightens your heart from the sadness that has been palpable over the last five months. XO

  2. Janie

    Looking forward to reading more, Perry. For me, writing is healing and soothing, and I hope it will be for you, too. Love to you, Dorothy and Nicole from here.

  3. Gail

    Wishing you, dorothy and Nicole much peace and happiness. Remember a lot of the good times and funny experiences . Andrew will always be in our hearts.

  4. Spence

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you guys. Keep writing, Perry; keep the memories alive, and share with us everything you have. Always here for you……

  5. Andrea & Rick

    It is Father’s Day and my husband and I are sitting and reading your posts. We lost our son, 21 years old August 31,2014. One thing we found in common with other grieving parents is the feeling you expressed so well. You find you are not sure if you enjoy much about life anymore. Thanks for sharing with us, tears shared are a little easier than bitter tears wept alone.

  6. Nancy

    I have just started to read about your son, it’s comforting to read the stories of love for our children, It’s been 7 weeks for me and I seem to only have the ability of crying. Thank you for sharing your love and memories of Andrew.


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