I am still alive!

I have received several calls and e-mails inquiring as to why I have not posted a new journal in the past few weeks; worried that I am okay. I do appreciate you reaching out to me, and it makes me happy to know that so many people read my posts and that you look forward to them. This journal has grown and spread so much due to you – thank you.

Italy to visit Nicole. A wonderful trip.

I am doing okay – actually pretty good. The last post took a lot of emotion and breaking through walls to write, and I received a tremendous number of private e-mails and comments after the post. I thought I would take a couple of weeks off after that to re-center myself, get my thoughts together, and start to write again. I have done that, my mind has cleared and received a sort of re-boot, and I have learned that I have so much more to write about.

I have a few journals started. Welcoming advice to newly bereaved parents, what parents do to help deal with their loss – and does it help, a post about missing the person I was, and some other ideas. The next one to be published is about welcoming newly bereaved parents. As I write it, I don’t think it has the same emotional depth as my other writings, but I think it will help specific people who are dealing with issues that they think others have not; a more concise writing, but targeting to a very specific audience.

It warms my heart to see them smile.

Also, I have been working on setting up Andrew’s memorial foundation. We are filing for a NY state corporation and then the IRS charitable designation. Hopefully, with the right help and a little luck, we can get this done in the next few months. I am working on getting Never Forget Andrew published into a book. I think it would be a very thoughtful gift to those who are grieving, as well as a legacy that will last forever for Andrew.

One day, those who knew him will be gone. I will be gone and my love for my son will be no more. The memories of Andrew will not be in anyone’s head anymore. There will be no proof he was ever here, or that he was loved by so many and that he touched so many. This book, once published, will be read by others, and hopefully, long after we are all gone, someone will say “Andrew was a wonderful person, I am sorry I never got to meet him.”


7 thoughts on “I am still alive!

  1. Judy Young van Wageningen

    So good to hear from you, Perry! I was thinking it had been a while since I’d last received a post from you. Warms my grieving parent’s heart to see that you have been abroad with family. I am not exactly sure how to post privately on here, but will continue to await your posts, and empathize with your feelings and words.
    With wishes for your heart’s ease. Judy

  2. Ned

    Perry, lots going on. Seems to me the evolution is healthy and strong – the book and foundation will be pillars that carry Andrew’s presence forever. Congrats on keeping up the important work.

  3. Debbie

    Dear Perry,

    It makes me feel good knowing that you’re doing well… I loved the photo of you visiting Nicole in Italy. I loved the photo of mother and daughter… The smiles are beautiful! I hope we can get together soon. My thoughts are with you! Please keep in touch. I love the idea of the book–or better yet a compilation of your blogs, as a journal for other grieving people to “journal.” The 501(3)c foundation sounds great. Looking forward to meeting and exploring these ideas further with you!


    Debbie Miron

  4. Warren Tabachnick

    Perry, I am glad you decided to publish a book in honor and memory of Andrew. I’ve always said your words are so strong that they deserve to be preserved in book form. There is no doubt this book will be tremendously helpful to others who are dealing with loss.

  5. Sally Klein

    Everything you are doing for Andrew is so admirable but I do not agree with your statement
    ” I will be gone and my love for my son will be no more”-I choose to believe your love for each other will be eternal, Perry, just like Jill’s and mine 🙂


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